Dr. Karim Fathi offers goal-oriented training and coaching in the areas of interdisciplinary research, competence development and innovative problem solving for professionals and executives from the private sector, civil society and politics.


More perspective

  • With good theory to better practice
  • Social trends of today and tomorrow
  • Understand complex issues in many perspectives
  • Interdisciplinary / transdisciplinary research



More capacity to act

  • With better communication to higher team performance
  • Making better and more time-efficient decisions
  • Resolving conflicts in a time-efficient and sustainable way
  • Develop resilience (ability to cope with stress and crises)


Dr. Karim Fathi supports companies in the following topics:

Resolving conflicts

Resolve “irreconcilable” differences and turn them into friction gains. Among others through: Conflict management systems, mediation, promoting conflict competence.

Increase team performance

Increase your team’s performance and problem-solving ability by improving communication. Among other things, through: simple methods for making meetings and workshops more efficient, promoting communication skills,introducing Scrum.

Fostering resilience

Deal with stress and unpredictable developments in a confident and calm manner by developing your own resilience. Alone and collectively.

Communication as a common denominator.

Conflict research, resilience, agile process management, efficient decision-making and leadership – all these stand and fall with the design of successful communication.

For more than ten years, Dr Karim Fathi has been researching and advising in close cooperation with experts from various fields on how the problem-solving abilities of teams and organisations from research, civil society, politics and the private sector can be improved by means of “communication”. His focus is on training companies and non-profit organisations

Why working with Dr Karim Fathi is worthwhile:

You benefit from:

  • Effective changes with the help of simple adjusting screws
  • Focus on “universal competencies”: you develop versatile problem-solving skills in a time-efficient way
  • High effectiveness and time efficiency of trainings and consultations
  • Practically oriented research and scientifically based counselling
  • Tailored, empathic interventions
  • Cross-disciplinary knowledge
  • Working closely with other expert counsellors and researchers from a broad international network
  • when needed.

Resilienz Karim Fathi


More knowledge – creates more trust.


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In 3 steps to successful corporate training

Step 1

Request a no-obligation, free contact meeting

Step 2

If you and I are convinced that my services can lead to the best possible change in your situation, we agree on the framework conditions and draw up a roadmap.


Step 3

Implementation: On the basis of measurable results, we already orient ourselves during the process to the achievement of your goals.


It is not the things (in their materiality) themselves that trouble us, but the ideas about things (i.e. the meaning we give them) Epiktet

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