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  • Fathi, K. (2019): Resilience in the field of tension between development and sustainability – requirements for securing the future of society in the 21st century. Springer Publisher. Order here
  • Fathi, K. (2019): The empathy training – solving conflicts for a better togetherness. Junfermann Verlag. Order here
  • Fathi, K. (2019): Communicative complexity management – Basic features of an integrated pluralism of methods for optimising cross-disciplinary communication. Springer Verlag. Order here
  • Fathi, K. (2011): Integrated conflict transformation in dialogue – the integral approach as a bridge between different methods, Tectum Verlag. Order here

Articles in anthologies

    • Fathi, K. (2020): The multi-resilient society: points of reference for the Corona crisis and beyond. Social Movements Research Journal Volume 33: Issue 1: 22-36. 01.07.2020. DOI:
    • Fathi, K. (2017): Multidimensionality and methodological pluralism in the mediation of everyday conflicts – conceptual considerations. In: Kriegel-Schmidt, K. (ed.): Mediation als Forschungsgegenstand. On the way to a German-language mediation science. Springer Verlag: 397-412. Order here
    • Fathi, K. (2016): What helps leaders build resilience in themselves and in the collective? In: Roehl, H. / Asselmeyer, H. (eds.): Organisationen klug gestalten. Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag: 301-310. Order here


    • Fathi, K. / Karolewski, I. (2015): Civil Revolutions in a Transcultural Comparison: Eastern Europe and the MENA-region. In: Arjomand, S. (ed.): The Arab Revolution of 2011: A Comparative Perspective. SUNY Press. Order here


    • Fathi, K. (2013): Conflict potentials of different welfare regimes – a metatheoretical perspective, in: Karolewski, I. P. / Suszyki, A. M. (eds.): Identity, Citizenship and Welfare: National and International Perspectives. Fibre Publishing: 41-74. Order here


  • Fathi, K. (2013): Buddhist Logic, in: Runehov, A. & Oviedo, L. (eds.): Encyclopedia of Sciences and Religions. Springer Verlag. Order here

Articles in booklets / journals / policy briefs / blogs

  • Fathi, K. (2020): Societal Multiresilience from an Integral Perspective. Integral Forum. July, 2020
  • Fathi, K. (2020): Societal resilience in the corona crisis and beyond. eurac research. 02.04.2020.
  • Benedikter, R. / Fathi, K. (2019): The Future of the Human Mind: Techno-Anthropological Hybridization? In: Challenge, 62 (1): 77-95, doi:10.1080/05775132.2018.1560943
  • Benedikter, R. / Fathi, K. (2018): The future of human consciousness: techno-anthropological hybridization. In: Social Impulses 29th yr. issue 3/2018
  • Fathi, K. / Benedikter, R. (2017): What is a Resilient Society? In: International Policy Digest. 17/09/2017.
  • Fathi, K. / Osswald, A. (2017): The e-factor and digitalisation. In: Research Journal New Social Movements. Supplement to Issue 2 / 2017
  • Fathi, K. (2016): The refugee crisis – 5 components to a resilient society. In: Research Journal New Social Movements. Supplement to Issue 4 / 2016
  • Fathi, K. (2014): Resilience – is this term suitable as a “one-word answer” to the accumulation of crises? In: Research Journal New Social Movements. Supplement to Issue 4 / 2014
  • Fathi, K. (2014): Empathy 3.0 – a new self-understanding for leaders? Zeitschrift OrganisationsEntwicklung (ZOE) Issue 3/2014
  • Benedikter, R. / Fathi, K. (2014): Brain-Computer Interfaces: Hacking thoughts? In: Pop. Culture and Criticism, Issue 4 / 2014: 24-28
  • Fathi, K. / Benedikter, R. (2013): What is a resilient society? Plädoyer For a new concept of securing the social future in times of crisis, Supplement to Research Journal New Social Movements Booklet 2/2013
  • Benedikter, R. / Fathi, K. (2012): Austria and Europe must become “resilient societies”. A new concept of securing the future in times of crisis. Austrian Society for European Policy. Policy Brief 03′ 2012 (October 2012)

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