Impulse lectures

New impulses and perspectives. Compact.

Impulse lectures for new perspectives


Impulse lectures offer decision-makers and researchers from the private sector, politics and civil society an ideal opportunity to gain new perspectives on complex issues in a short space of time.

What advantages?

  • Easily digestible impulses on hot topics
  • Complex content presented in an understandable way
  • Cross-disciplinary insights and approaches – practically manageable and compressed
  • Be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow and the day after
  • To be irritated and inspired in a non-binding and time-efficient way
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Knowledge – creates more overview

Current lecture topics (selection)


  • Resilience – Five impulses for mental resilience in increasingly stressful times
  • Empathy 3.0 – On the art of remaining empathetic without getting infected
  • Conflict Competence – Five impulses to a peaceful life in a world full of conflicts


  • Resilient leadership – Five impulses for leaders to foster teams capable of dealing with crises
  • The Communication Lever– With better communication to higher performing organisations


  • Multiresilience in the Corona Crisis and Beyond – Five Principles of Securing Society’s Future in the 21st Century
  • Collective Intelligence vs. Collective Wisdom – What we can do in the face of coming crises and where we should go
  • Globalisation 2.0 in light of China’s “new Silk Road” – A multi-perspective assessment on risks and opportunities

“Dear Dr Fathi, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your lecture at the conference of the Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Social Court (…). You gave a lecture at the Justice Academy of the State of Brandenburg that will make it easier for us to deal with emotions in our everyday legal work and thus our daily work. You demonstrated the mechanisms in a very clear and understandable way and thus gave us a better understanding of emotionally challenging situations. I would particularly like to emphasise your successful involvement of the participants in the development of the problem. (…) I would be very pleased if there were further cooperation.” 

Oesterle. Vice-President of the Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Social Court

In five “Lockdown Lessons” during the height of the Corona pandemic in Germany, polisphere, together with the Open Society Initiative and the Federal Foreign Office, created a digital conversation space to reflect together on the effects of the “shutdown society”. Looking forward was the central element of the event series: What do we take with us from the lockdown into the newly launched world? Which techniques have we unlearned during these weeks? Which ones have we strengthened? The innovative digital format took the form of “thought sprints” on personal experiences of isolation, the European public sphere, science communication, climate change and civil society togetherness. As part of the fifth Lockdown Lession, Dr Karim Fathi gave an inspiring talk on “Opportunities and potentials for societal multi-resilience in the Corona crisis” to a wider audience from civil society and politics. We thank him very much for the very good cooperation, our expectations were more than met!” 

Melika Gewehr. Lockdown Lessons Project Lead; Head of Online Communications



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